Tired of forfeiting Detention on technicalities?

TrackPort automatically eliminates excuses from shippers & recievers!

Leverage the most powerful platform for:

1. Auto-logging the time wasted by shippers & receivers (FREE)
2. Independently validating detention times (FREE)
3. Digitally Invoicing your brokerage (FREE)
4. Recovering Detention Dollars (FREE)
5. Instant Payment (Small Fee)

How does TrackPort accomplish all of this?

After you download the app and create an account, tap "Start Tracking" to get started!

Type in the load details to:

1. Build a geofence around the next shipper or reciever you drive to

2. Identify the brokerage and associated email you want alerted of your Detention experience

3. Help the brokerage match your Detention pay request and Load ID to improve payment processing speeds

4. Notify the brokerage of how much your time is worth (standard rate is $50/hr.) when the digital invoice is fired upon completion

Tap "Track" to generate an order in the TrackPort ecosystem

The map on the dashboard will zoom in to display the delivery location surrounded by an orange TrackPort geo-fence

Now just keep the app running in the background, and TrackPort will automatically monitor this location and log exactly how long you're kept waiting inside the orange region

The moment you leave the orange zone, TrackPort will fire off an email to the specified broker alerting them of both:

1. How long you were kept in detention

2. The rate you prefer to be paid for detention (typically $50/hr.)

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