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Carriers hate using outdated, 20-teen, software tracking


Drivers are tired of data exploitation by powerful companies, the lack of choice they're given when bullied into forfeiting data, and the massive profits Big Data earns off the backs of hardworking Carriers who never see a penny of it.

As brokerage addoption of software tracking continues to grow, so do the levels of driver irritation surrounding the 'mandatory' brokerage tracking apps.  The dismal <40% usage by drivers is proof that even mandating all truckers be forced to use the tracking app is far from effective.

For brokerages, paying for 100% of a service that can only be consumed on 40% of their loads is a terrible deal.

As brokers scramble to improve usage rates accross their fleets, one strategy that some of the larger firms have gravitated towards is enforcing draconian policies to coerce the uncooperative drivers into is expected, repeatedly forcing drivers to act in opposition to their own interest will typically backfire, and the horrible reputations that these firms suffer today are a cautionary tale on how not to approach solving the Visibility Data problem.

That's why TrackPort was engineered to solve it by implementing a radically different approach:  prioritizing trucker experience above all else.


TrackPort was designed by Truckers, for Truckers, to earn drivers more cash for the hard work they already do everyday.

What started as a novel way to approach solving the Detention Pay Problem, has since grown into a platform to pay drivers for all the visibility data they generate.

Unlike all the other services that profit off stealing driver visibility data, TrackPort gives carriers the choice of whether or not to share visibility data with their brokerage, and if a driver chooses to provide it, then TrackPort fairly compensates that driver for every byte we collect.

For the brokerage, this means you ONLY pay for the visibility data we buy from trucks; you'll never be charged for the ghost data competing services promise to deliver, but fail to make materialize +60% of the time.

By charging per location update, we can gaurantee our customers will always have access to 100% of the data they paid to access.

Ontop of TrackPort's improved cost structure, drivers are also directly incentivized with direct cash payments to provide visibility data, which leads to improved broker-driver relations as well as significantly more accurate data from participating drivers.

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